5 Romantic Barbados Restaurants To Wine And Dine At During Your Caribbean Vacation

Every Caribbean vacation offers a variety of delectable and unique foods you can try for the first time at local restaurants. But somehow, there is always those stand out restaurants that every visitor should stop by during their vacation. When you finally decide to visit Barbados, here are some highly approved and recommended Barbados restaurants for you and yours to try that are fail-proof to make your taste buds go crazy. best sushi in north york

The Cliff

Arguably the most famous Barbados restaurant, The Cliff is one of the many Barbados restaurants that both tourists and locals highly recommend. This is one of the finest restaurants you can find on the Platinum west coast of the island. The view from the restaurant atop a cliff is breathtakingly momentous, overlooking the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea with every table offering an ocean view. If the view is not enough to make you enjoy your visit to this restaurant the food, ambience and overall aura of the restaurant is something that will send chills down your spine. The delectable meal served is accompanied by a setting that will put you into daze clad with candlelight and art.


Tides restaurant is where good food meets great art. The restaurant houses The Tides Gallery where you can enjoy beautiful pieces while you wait for your meal to be served or after fulfilling your stomach and taste buds. The restaurant draws inspiration for its interior and food from the sea at its doorstep, being located at the edge of the coast line. The rustic, coral structure of the restaurant is indeed remarkable, accompanied by a lavish tropical garden. The overall atmosphere and vibe of the restaurant calls for an exquisite fine dining experience, serving mouthwatering seafood that no one can resist.


Structured in a beautifully restored Barbados house with breathtaking gardens and gazebos overlooking a cliff in the St.Lawrence Gap entertainment district, Josef’s is a Barbados restaurant that allows you to appreciate the nature of Barbados. The restaurant offers haute dishes with a Caribbean and Asian fusion of flavors. The food is indeed a blast of different flavors across the world. If exquisite dining is what you are after, then this restaurant is a must try for you.


Located just off the main South Coast road after Coral Mist Hotel, Champers is truly one of the finest Barbados restaurants in the parish of Christ Church. With its reputation for great food with value for your money, this restaurant offers high quality and delicious meals that people are smitten by. Set on a beautiful cliff top overlooking a panoramic view of the popular Accra Beach, this restaurant will truly mesmerize you.

Café Luna

Café Luna is the restaurant of the intimate boutique Little Arches Hotel. Here you can enjoy the magnificent view from the romantic setting of the open-air rooftop. This allows you to get a full view of the sunset on the