Different Types of Chain Link Fence Gates

A fence entrance is a typical structure that comes along with a fence. No fence structure is complete without a fence entrance. In addition to that, if the reason why you put up a fence is to keep intruders out, then you will surely need these gates. Without the gate, intruders can get inside your property without you knowing. Usually, the material used for the gates is the same material used for the fence. For example, if you are using wood for your fence, then you are most likely going to use wood for your gate. The same thing is applicable when you are using vinyl or ornamental iron for your fences. Moreover, it can also be applied when you are using chain link fences. chain link fence repair

There are several types of chain link fences, some of them are briefly discussed below.

Sliding fence entrance

If you have limited space and a swinging gate does not seem to fit, then this type of fence gate is the solution. This gate has one or two sets of wheels and a track. Wheels ride along the track whenever you open or close the gate. Opening and closing a sliding chain link fence gate can be done manually or automatically. If this sliding gate is at the street end of your driveway then fitting it with an automatic opener can be beneficial because this will enable you to enter the premises without having to leave the vehicle.

Swing Chain Link fence entrance

If you have enough space then this type of fence gate can be used. Most chain link fences are finished with a swing chain link fence entrance because all you have to do is to swing in order to open it. However, this type of gate can take up a lot of space. Therefore, before you have this type of gate installed you might want to do some measurements first.

Walkthrough Gate

If you want a chain link fence entrance that is only wide enough for one person to pass through then this type of gate is perfect for you. However, it can also be wide enough for you to be able to drive through using a lawn mower. Walk through gates can be 6 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches wide.

You can choose to install any of these gates as long as the space permits. For more information on chain link fence gates, you can always do some research using the internet.