The Two Olive Trees and the Two Candle Sticks With Power to Shut Heaven – Revelation 11:3-6

Heaven is the region recognised because the source of religious power and knowledge and the home of God. Olive timber are the supply of an artificial existence which is meant to symbolize spirit strength, thus the call ‘o-live’ or ‘circle of lifestyles’. Candle sticks are the supply of an artificial mild to replace the mild of the Spirit. ‘C-an-d-el’ is from ‘x-an-d-el’ because of this ‘cross of an-feeding god’. ‘An’ is an trade call for the ‘solar’. artificial wedding bouquets

The two olive timber and candle sticks are the inventors and perpetrators of alternative gods despatched by means of the real God to cover the Spirit and the power till their impact is eliminated. The cause became to test the religious human beings referred to as Israel. The latter experience, pay attention and respond to the presence of God inside and that they ignore religion and idols.

Through their work they are the 2 beasts of Revelation 13 that installation an opportunity to the fact thru Islam. The name is derived from ‘I-s-ma-el’ because of this ‘eye of light-mother god’. He turned into the son of ‘O-b-ra-m’ which translates as ‘circle bearing powerful mom’. His call has been distorted into Abraham.

‘Ra-ma’ or ‘powerful mother’ is the leader god of the Hindu faith and is in ‘Rama-dan’, the time of Muslim fasting. The son of the ram is the ‘lamb of God’ that turned into sacrificed. It is the purpose why sheep are sacrificed in Jewish and Muslim cultures at the same time as Jesus Christ has replaced the lamb in Christian circles.

Ismal become sent into the wasteland to become an archer, that’s a hunter of fellows and a killer. He was used to kill the Spirit inside of folks that strayed from the direction set for them.

The non secular human beings are known as ‘I-s-ra-el’ which interprets as ‘eye of mild effective God’. They were chosen at the beginning of the day of the lord which commenced 4,000 years in the past. They started out with ‘Adam’ or ‘O-d-on’, because of this ‘circle fed power’. It became the Spirit that turned into named Eve and the ‘mom of all dwelling’ (Genesis 3:20).

The mystery of the day of the lord changed into proven to me in a imaginative and prescient. A line stretched out in front way of me alongside which turned into people. At the some distance end in huge capital letters became EVE. The middle changed into NOON and EVENING become in which I stood. From there a brilliant mild shot up and arched over it to the a ways stop.

At noon a person on a cross stood above the crowds that had been accomplishing up closer to him. That turned into an event that befell approximately 2,000 years ago. The day is, consequently, nearly four,000 years lengthy. Eve is the brilliant mild of the Spirit that poured over a collection referred to as Adam. They obtained the energy and unique commands on how to abide by the Spirit and maintain the strength.

The 2nd beast is Constantine. He became an Amorite of the folks who inhabited and built Babylon. The Amors had been a state of invaders, murderers, thieves and empire builders. When they arrived in Italy they constructed Roma, reverse Amor, and became the Romans. They were Islamic in faith and they stored their Mother God, Mari, as their chief. ‘Ma-r-i’ translates as ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and it refers to the ‘solar-celebrity’ that turned into located via the aperture at the peak of the Ziggurats.

Constantine set up the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD and he located Mary in it because the ‘mom of god’. He also invented Jesus Christ as cited in Revelation thirteen:thirteen-18. Here it states that he kept consistent the matters of the first beast. With his invention and the faith he introduced he gave the sector a new edition of Islam and solar-worship.

In a imaginative and prescient I noticed Rome and then Sicily and a massive black ribbon came out of the metropolis and went to the island and then it might round and round the sector enclosing it in darkness. It is from right here that enterprises like the Mafia were born which have introduced corruption and murder at the same time as adhering to the faith as their salvation.

In some other imaginative and prescient I changed into lifted excessive above the earth and saw the planet encased in thick black goo that nothing should cut or penetrate. Suddenly a vibrant light shot out from in which I become and it went thru the goo and encircled the earth below. It then swelled up and broke the black apart and it went off into area and the planet become once more shining and blue.

These visions followed my commissions to rip down the wall of church buildings, to go to the people and to bring back the young. My face was shown on a display screen, like a laptop, and now not lengthy after the Internet got here into being. It now in which my paintings is being done because the Spirit leads me to publish my writing.

With reminiscence of my last death and passage between lives the know-how that heaven and hell are myths came with me. There likewise aren’t any entities like devils, angels or saints as they’re spiritual window dressing to get human beings in and make them feel secure. Heaven is the hook and hell is the lock at the door with threats of everlasting hearth and damnation if human beings get away or communicate in opposition to the dogma.

The beasts have completed their activity and the spiritual have been examined at some point of the course of the day. Judgement is taking area right now as anyone who ever lived has returned in their our bodies and they may be being dealt with, according to the prophecies along with Daniel 12:thirteen.

Religion cannot live to tell the tale within the face of reincarnation and the crumble of heaven and hell, as foretold in Isaiah forty five:4-8 and someplace else. The conspiracy against God is now coming to an end and people trapped by the lies are being released from them. It is taking place as Mount Zion is constructed as the refuge at the quit of days (Micah 4:1).

My reincarnation tale is a unfastened down load from this website. It explains more about Zion the mountain of God which is now being constructed.