We Are Souls Living in a Human Body

Today we have Soul-mate, Soul-sister, Soul-music, Soul-train, and Soul-nourishment and soul kiss. The word portrays the sound post of a violin just as the drag of a gun. There are soul and body lashings, soul-candles, soul-snatchers, and soul-catchers. What’s more, how about we not overlook soul-brew. And afterward there are the articulations, for example, he’s a lost soul, or a poor soul. Likewise, we are informed that everything will in the long run disintegrate and pass away, that is, everything except for the spirit. Assuming, at that point, the spirit does not kick the bucket as the body does, what’s going on here? It is vitality made by the Divine. Since the spirit is vitality we have the “living” chance to reproduce our very own creatures, and to bring them into utilization. This may be in another plane in this universe or in a parallel universe. Black Urban Gospel Radio

The Law of Thermodynamics is material to the human spirit. The First Law of Thermodynamics expresses that vitality can not be made or devastated, just changed. The spirit does not pass on. It is vitality. The inquiry presently moves toward becoming, into what is the spirit changed? It turns into the quintessence of that which made it, the Divine.

On the off chance that, then again, one perspectives the spirit just as an unclear and disconnected element, which means it has nothing to with the Self, we have another issue. The issue is simply the inability to perceive the Soul and Self as being one and the equivalent. It is acknowledged that the body bites the dust. That physical body is basically similar to a car that conveys Its traveler about. On the off chance that it separates it in the end quits working. The spirit, anyway doesn’t finish up in a garbage yard; it rises above condition by moving to what the Ancients called the Akasha Record, that is, the wellspring of all. There, the spirit holds up until it is required once more. Buddhism and Hinduism both recognize a “re-manifestation” during which the individual finishes incomplete business, adapts new exercises, or learns bombed exercises.

Despite the fact that it is commonly recognized we can’t see a physical thing called the spirit, and in spite of the endeavors of some in the therapeutic calling to check its reality, we can sincerely say it is vitality. We can’t see attractive vitality with the human eye however we realize that it exists. What’s more, that carries me to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. On the off chance that the spirit is vitality it can’t be exhausted. It very well may be changed into something different. On account of the spirit, who is to state it isn’t come back from its divine adventure to another human body or as a Spirit.

Perhaps you have encountered the pinch of a spirit, the additional little breeze over your cheek or saw a slight change in the light in a room or have detected somebody remaining behind you? Possibly, quite possibly you have encountered a spirit cruising by.

In the event that one acknowledges the thought of a spirit, made by a perfect element (non-religious based) at that point does it not pursue that the made soul envelops a portion of that godlikeness? What’s more, accordingly, the spirit turns into a piece of the complete inventive procedures of the universe. I call this procedure, fruitfulness. Just as of late we have seen the introduction of another star. New planets are being made. The universe is alive. As are we! As an outcome of this opportunity, we, as Katrina Raphaell in her, The Crystaline Transformation A Synthesis of Light. Aurora Press. 1990, p.41.so relevantly says, “… never again should be bound by the convictions that the soul can’t move openly in the physical world and that so as to got o paradise we initially need to pass on and leave our bodies.”