What Are the Eligibility Criteria for UK Recruitment?

Recruitment in the UK has the same legislation for both its citizens and foreign nationals. The legislation deals with the law that will govern the UK recruitment process. Foreign nationals have to face the terms and conditions as the other citizens of the country with respect to the contracts of employment. They will meet fair and just treatment under the UK recruitment plan and program. student recruitment plans

To get recruited in UK, job seekers need to have a work permit. Wile all British subjects irrespective of their birth place and place of residence, have the right to work and live in UK. Commonwealth citizens from the ages of seventeen to twenty-seven also have the permission to work and stay in UK on a working visa of two years. Foreign students pursuing a degree also have the right to part-time recruitment in UK.

The recruitment in UK law does not permit the employment of people, unless with special written applications, in UK who are subjected to UK Asylum and Immigration act 1996. To prevent illegal immigrants from getting employed with firms, the UK recruitment board supplies the different employers with a list of documents and the signatories on the list that should be verified by the employer before giving jobs. Some of the many legal recruitment issues followed by the UK recruitment cells are-

1. Immigration status is very essential when selecting a candidate for a particular job. In the absence of the immigration status, the candidate needs to submit proper evidence of their work permit and leave in UK.

2. All the photocopies of the original paper work needed in case of an immigrant is kept with the employers till after six months of the candidate quitting the job. The recruitment in UK law also gives the employer the right to retain part of P45through out the time period for which the candidate remains recruited as well as three months after he leaves the job. This is in accordance to UK revenue regulations.

3. A national insurance number issued by the government office needs to be submitted for recruitment in the UK.

4. The immigrant needs to have a valid passport to support his work permit.

5. Important documents such as passport, registration certificate, birth certificate etc needs to get verified and submitted under the recruitment in UK law.

Besides following the above laws the employers follow a single recruitment policy for all its employers. An ongoing analysis is done to keep the process of recruitment in UK hassle free.